Vlog Series – Wil Stracke

“Campaigning as a Collective” with Wil Stracke

This week, Micaela speak with Wil Stracke. Wil has been involved in various campaigns that had significant impact on community views, such as the Equal Pay Campaign (ASU), We Are Union Campaign, and as the VIC State Lead for the Yes Campaign.

Speaking with Micaela, Wil discusses the benefits of campaigning collectively to build a sense of common purpose around the campaigns, addressing the big questions of “What do we want” and “When do we want it” and the power of changing attitudes on issues through conversations with the people that you love and trust.

Wil also discusses the challenges being faced by many in the current environment, including caring for yourself and your people. Acknowledging the distinct challenge of being away from spaces and people that provide constant reminders of the meaning behind the work your team does.