Vlog Series – Martin Bean

“Blended Learning Approaches to Support Lifelong Learning” with Martin Bean

In our latest vlog, Micaela talks to RMIT Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean about harnessing the power of technology to enable access to education, particularly for those who would not otherwise be able to participate. As Martin notes, flexibility is key to facilitating lifelong learning and shorter, sharper interventions like micro-credentials have an important role to play in enabling the social service workforce to learn new skills or “top up” existing skills throughout their careers.
To those in the sector who are nervous about the shift to online education, Martin has a clear message “don’t get hung up on the mode – focus on what you need to achieve” and use a blended approach that combines technology and face-to-face learning. Blended learning approaches – like those being developed, implemented and evaluated through FSSI’s Higher Apprenticeships Project – allow learners to have a say in the construction of the learning. They also support learners to develop and apply new knowledge in real world settings.
Martin also reflects on his own reconciliation journey and how returning to Australia after many years living abroad provided an opportunity to rediscover Australia and “rediscover the tens of thousands of years of rich cultural history of our First Nations peoples”. Martin’s message – that it is incumbent on non-Indigenous Australians to take the time to engage with and understand Indigenous history and culture – is so important now.