Vlog Series – Elizabeth Hudson

“An Appetite for Improving Mental Health Services” with Elizabeth Hudson

FSSI Director, Micaela Cronin speaks to one of FSSI’s PhD scholars, Liz Hudson. With more than 15 years’ experience working in management roles in the community / employment sector, Liz has been a CEO of a specialised mental health employment service, and a Research Manager of a large not-for-profit human services organisation where she was responsible for a team whose role was to explore national and international best practice within the disability, community service and mental health sectors through partnered research with universities and other community based organisations.

Liz talks about why she chose her research topic, “Gateways and Gatekeepers: experiences of people with episodic mental illness during transition into the National Disability Insurance Scheme” and her motivation for doing the research project.

Liz also shares her findings from the study, including the implications for workforce.