Reports and Submissions

FSSI Mental Health Royal Commission

FSSI is providing this additional post-roundtable information to support the Mental Health Royal Commission with further insights into the pathways for mental health services workforce transformation, drawing on our unique vantage point across the community services sector.

View the recommendations for actions here.

FSSI Progress ReportJuly – December 2020

Our latest Progress Report details our activities between July and December 2020. During this period, FSSI continued to co-design and deliver innovative education and training programs to diverse learners. FSSI also undertook research and evaluation to build the evidence base to support the growth and transformation of the social service workforce.

You can view our latest progress report here.

FSSI Progress ReportJanuary – June 2020

Our latest Progress Report provides an overview of FSSI’s work over the past six months. The social service sector has been transformed  by the current health, social and economic crisis and FSSI has sought to respond to this rapidly evolving operating environment in a practical and constructive way. This has required reimagining existing projects and activities in ways that harness the power of technology and pivoting to address challenges and opportunities that have arisen in the new operating environment.

You can view our latest progress report here.

Victoria’s Social Economy and Jobs of the Future

This image shows two report covers. The one on the left has two pictures of people in the community services workforce with people they are working with, one a young child and one an olcer woman. The title is 'Jobs of the Future: Victoria's vibrant community services industry' 2018 - VCOSS. The other shows a picture of a woman's face and a man's face, in triangular shapes. The title is 'Victoria's social economy: Social Opportunity, economic growth' September 2018, Future Social Service Institute.Australia’s social economy is tipped to create 250,000 new jobs in the next five years – 60,000 in Victoria alone. That’s double that of the next fastest growing jobs segment. Two new reports, launched by the Victorian Council of Social Service and FSSI, outline the huge window of opportunity that exists in Victoria’s social service sector.

Victoria’s social economy: Social opportunity, economic growth

Jobs of the future: Victoria’s vibrant community services industry

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SubmissionA diverse, high quality workforce
Submission to the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce on the development of the Aged Care Workforce Strategy, March 2018
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Market Readiness
Submission to Joint Standing Committee on National Disability Insurance Scheme, 8 March 2018
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Building Australia’s future social service workforce
Submission to the 
Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers inquiry, 30 January 2018
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This image shows the laps of a carer and an aged person seated together and has a 'report' label. This images links to the PDF version of Community Services of the Future: An Evidence Review.

Community services of the future: An evidence review
January 2018
As part of its Community Services Industry Planning work, VCOSS commissioned FSSI to write an evidence review on 10 key areas of the community services sector.
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