PhD Scholarship Program

FSSI’s PhD Scholarship program contributes to research in the social service sector, as well as building links between social service academic and industry sectors. The program is a first of its kind for the Victorian community sector and aims to strengthen the sector’s research capacity and improve its ability to support people to overcome disadvantage.

As noted in the 10 Year Community Services Industry Plan, “[e]vidence-informed decision-making and practice should be at the heart of the service system to provide services that are high quality, effective and can demonstrate improved outcomes”.  A focus of FSSI’s PhD scholarships has been to expand the evidence base in priority areas identified by the sector. 


Liz Hudson (commenced 2016)

Gateways and Gatekeepers: An examination of the issues facing people with episodic disabilities as they access the self-directed support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Liz Dearn (commenced 2017)

The right of people with psychosocial disability in de facto institutions to have control over their own lives and to participate and be included in the life of the community under the NDIS

Amaya Alvarez (commenced 2017)

Carers at the margins: the impact of consumer directed care and the marketisation of disability on carers rights in Australia and the UK

Jennifer Maloney (commenced 2018)

Financial well-being and precarious work – the lived experiences of Australian home care workers