Social Work Placement Students – Semester 1 2021

Christel Lemmon

Christel is currently in her final semester of a Master of Social Work degree at RMIT University. She previously completed a Psychology degree in the Netherlands, specialising in Cognitive Psychology. Prior to studying Social Work, Christel worked for a Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service and worked for many years in ageing research. Research topics included dementia, delirium, depression, cognitive impairment, twins research, end of life care and ageing workforce.

Christel is passionate about mental health, aged care and in particular carer support and would like to further her social work career into these areas of interest. She lived experience as a carer, and in her previous social work placement at Doncare she worked with a fellow student to set-up and run a group for grandparents parenting their grandchildren.

Melissa Bosma

Melissa is one semester away from completing her Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) from RMIT University. Her honours project investigated the extent to which local council in Victoria implement environmental protection initiatives. 

Most of Melissa’s experience has been working with young people. She has volunteered for various international programs running school holiday events and teaching English in schools. Her first placement was at a primary and secondary school running various awareness campaigns and assisting in student counselling. She currently works in the Youth Department of a church, coordinating volunteers, events, mentoring young people and running the social media. 

Melissa is passionate about implementing sustainable principles into society that protect both the environment, community relationships and personal growth. When Melissa graduates, she is keen to get into the field and practise her social work skills. Her hope is to work with communities and assist to develop meaningful, sustainable relationships.  

Thomas Speer

Thomas has been working as a social worker for the last 5 years in a range of different areas. He started off volunteering at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), as a case worker for newly arrived asylum seekers, which really sparked his passion for social justice and human rights. This led to Thomas starting a Master of Social Work and starting a youth worker role at Frontyard Youth Services. Thomas has spent most of the last 4 years working with young people experiencing homelessness, across a range of settings, including residential and drop-in services. It was here that his passion for working with people experiencing mental ill-health and survivors of family violence really started off. Alongside this placement at FSSI, Thomas has just started working causally at PARC in Heidelberg, working with a diverse range of people experiencing mental ill health, and it is his goal to utilise the knowledge from this placement to potentially move into working with perpetrators of family violence, and looking at men’s behaviour change programs.

Kallum Dennis

Kallum is in his final year of the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) at RMIT. Kallum is a strong advocate of LGBTQIA+ rights, inclusion, and equity. His honours project explored the impact of policy on trans and gender diverse communities accessing healthcare in Melbourne. By undertaking placement at FSSI Kallum hopes to develop his research capabilities and gain an understanding of how research can inform practice within the social services sector. Upon graduating Kallum plans on entering the disability and mental health sector. Much of his practice is informed by systems theory, intersectionality and a holistic approach.