Leadership Network


In 2018, FSSI delivered a suite of workforce excellence initiatives to build leadership skills and support the sector in managing change associated with the family violence reforms.  As part of this suite of initiatives, FSSI delivered Leadership Intensive programs to 120 sector leaders across the state in 2018.  Six streams of Leadership Intensives were delivered between September and November, two streams in Melbourne and four streams in the following regional centres: Ararat, Benalla, Bendigo and Traralgon.

Project Overview

Feedback from participants of the 2018 Leadership Intensives indicated a strong interest in having additional opportunities to expand their professional networks and to workshop contemporary leadership theory.  In response to this, FSSI established a “Leadership Intensive Network” in 2018..

Supported by Family Safety Victoria, the network is designed to “enable participants to continue to build on their learnings in relation to contemporary practice” (Action 4.2 – Strengthening the Foundations: First Rolling Action Plan 2019 – 2022). The focus and design of the network was developed in consultation with members though an Activation Event on 26 July 2019 and follow up consultation with members.

The key features of the network include an online platform which is used to share content on leadership practice and facilitate member engagement, and a series of events aligned to member interests.  The Leadership Network will continue in 2020 with live-streamed events and new tailored content.

Key Partners

Family Safety Victoria