FSSI Link #6

With many Victorians now in lockdown once again, it has been heartening to hear stories of hope and optimism. The voices of RMIT’s Chief Global Officer Layton Pike, traineeship student Taylah Abraham and members of VCOSS’s Empowered Lives community which are featured in this edition of FSSI Link spark feelings of positivity and provide a powerful antidote to the bleakness of the news cycle.
There are positive stories emerging across the community as we hunker down to try to slow the spread of Covid-19. As part of our Stories to Evidence Project, FSSI has been talking to community service organisations about adaptations that they have put in place to enable them to continue to provide high quality services and supports. From these initial conversations it is clear that digital collaboration has been rapidly increasing with teams and organisations coming together frequently and in new ways to develop solutions to a range of challenges. In many instances, traditional forms of partnership and engagement are giving way to more nimble, innovative approaches.
Like many of our partners, FSSI is experimenting with new forms of collaborative working and will soon be launching a regular engagement activity – FSSI Huddles – to bring people together from across the community sector, government and academia to explore a range of topics. Further details about FSSI Huddles will be included in the next edition of FSSI Link.