FSSI Link #4

FSSI stands in solidarity with all those protesting systemic racism. People are now getting glimpses into the lives of communities which have been oppressed, marginalised, ignored and abused for generations. 

In the United States disturbing images of the inhumane abuse of black people has seen The Black Lives Matter movement continue to gather support and momentum for change. 

There is much that must be done to address racial inequities emerging from Australia’s own unjust civil systems. For First Nations People, civil systems here have resulted in disturbingly high rates of incarceration, unnecessary deaths in custody and lower health, social and economic outcomes than that of non-Indigenous Australians.  

FSSI recognises the symptoms of systemic racism are not new and we will continue to listen and act to improve social outcomes for those marginalised in our communities.

Now is a time not just to reflect on what individually we each have done or could have done to prevent the injustices that we are seeing play out, but most importantly to individually and collectively put in place actions NOW that address broader systemic racism.

In the words of Pat Dodson “For too long “nice words”, “good intentions” but the lack of “action and commitment” ha(s) stopped progress. We call on you and your organisation to act and commit to dismantling systemic racism in our communities. What can you and your organisation commit to actively do, to bring about change?”

FSSI is here as an ally to walk together to lead change.