Career-ready! Congratulations Certificate III and IV students.

It’s an exciting time of year at FSSI!

Both our Certificate III and Certificate IV cohorts have finished classes for the year, and we’ve hosted events for students to celebrate, reflect and catch-up with classmates.

Many of the students have come a long way to achieve their qualifications and the overwhelming sentiment at both the events was that no matter what barriers they faced, support was there.

Steven Bruechert, Vocational Education Program Manager paid tribute to the hard work and commitment of the students:

“Sometimes life gets in the way – there are barriers, but you’ve all made a real go of it. You’ve come out with a qualification, and I know some have already received job offers along the way. I think that’s one of the great things about this program”.

“I hope this is the first of many more opportunities”.

Cert III student Carmel, progressed from lacking confidence in her ability to complete the course, to being offered a job on the morning of the event:

“At the start I didn’t believe in myself, but the teachers believed in me, and it got easier and easier. Anytime you needed help they were there for you. This course has given me a beautiful opportunity. I didn’t think I could do it”.

“Thank you for all the support – I want to spread the word!”

She credits the Cert III teachers for helping her feel so confident during the interview:

“When I first walked in there was a big table with four people around it and I felt intimidated, but as soon as they started asking me questions I felt fine. The teachers here taught me the proper way to answer interview questions – I felt so comfortable and I knew everything I needed to”.


“This course has given me a beautiful opportunity. I didn’t think I could do it”


Amy, a Cert III student who is deaf faced more challenges than most during her study, however support from her teachers allowed her to overcome the roadblocks and finish the course.

She was not only delighted that she completed her Certificate, but also had the chance to discover what she is capable of:

 “It’s a really big personal achievement for me, having finished the Certificate III. It made me realise I really want to be involved and offer help wherever I can”.

“I do really want to say thank you to the teachers for being so supportive and helping me through the barriers I faced during the course”.

So, what are the students looking forward to in their new careers?

Further learning and development was a common theme:

Carmel says “I’m going to keep learning and keep improving. Whatever opportunities come my way, I’m there”.

Cert IV student Peter wants to keep developing his skills to improve the lives of others:

“I’m going to continue building myself up to make life better for the people we’re caring for”.

Well done to both Cert III and Cert IV students on your accomplishments – congratulations on launching your career in the social service workforce!

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