Certificate III – Opening the door to the booming social service workforce

For Yasmin, the Certificate III in Individual Support has not only launched her career in the social workforce, but it has also helped her discover more about herself and what she loves to do.

Yasmin’s background is impressive. She has worked overseas as an interpreter and social worker, and speaks three languages (English, Arabic and Tigrinya). Now, she has her sights set on nursing, and the Certificate III was an ideal first step, giving her a broad overview of the knowledge and skills she’ll need to succeed.

She enjoyed the beginning of the course so much she recommended it to her friend, and they ended up studying side by side and completing the qualification together. This year, they’ve taken on the Certificate IV in Disability, while working in the social service sector.

A Cert III highlight for Yasmin were the placements. She had two weeks of experience in both aged care and disability settings. She worked alongside the staff, who taught her new skills.


“I really like the disability sector – you have responsibility and involvement in the community.”


“I loved the placement,” Yasmin said. “It really opened my eyes.”

“The staff really involved us in what they were doing, even though they were busy. It was challenging at first, but the things we were doing helped us figure out whether it was the career for us.”

“Thanks to the placement, I was able to get a job straight out of training, which has made a huge difference.”

Yasmin now works part time at a disability support organisation while studying.

“I really like the disability sector – you have responsibility and involvement in the community.”

Taking people out, getting to know them and connecting them to the community are highlights of the work. Yasmin takes clients wherever they’d like to go, from their workplace to swimming, bowling or visiting a café.

“I love heading out with clients. To make someone’s day makes me really, really happy! That’s what makes you human; helping others,” she said.

It’s a two-way exchange – Yasmin shares stories about her family with the people she cares for, and in turn she learns about their lives.

“I love it when I really get to know a client. It’s great to find out what they like doing and helping them to try new things.”

“That’s why I do this job – it’s fantastic”

So, what advice does Yasmin have for others considering Certificate III?

“I’d say, don’t hesitate, go for it! You’ll have time to discover whether it’s for you or not. The placements are fantastic – just go for it!”

The FSSI Certificate III has a brand new curriculum and is 100% free – no student amenity fees, and first aid course and police check (both workplace requirements) are included. It can also be a stepping stone to career paths including occupational therapy or speech pathology.  Find out more here.