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Dr Shereen Hussein announced as the Institute’s first International Visiting Fellowship

Image of Dr Shereen Hussein
Dr Shereen Hussein

Dr Shereen Hussein BSc, MSc (LSHTM), PhD (LSE), Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King’s College London will join the Institute as an international visiting fellow from 22 August to 1 September.

Dr Hussein is a demographer with expertise in labour-migration, sociology and economics. Her main research revolves around ageing, family dynamics, migration and long term care. Current and recent projects include migrant workers and global care; transnational social work; diversity, structure and wage differentials in the long term care sector; national evaluations of new models of working; and the interactions between organisational and personal factors on job satisfaction, burnout and retention.

The Institute is providing a range of opportunities for social service sector  staff and representatives to meet with Dr Hussein. Click here to see what’s on. You can also follow @DrShereeHussein on Twitter and read more about her research and work here.

The Future Social Service Institute acknowledges the RMIT Philanthropic Fund and the International Visiting Fellowship in making Dr Shereen Hussein’s visit possible.

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Adapting and thriving in the new social service environment
Executive Masterclass Program 2017

image of thriving green plantOur Executive Masterclass Program started on Friday 19 May. Held over four 1/2 day sessions, this program will support executives and senior managers in not-for-profit community sector organisations adapt to the changing environment and learn new skills to benefit their organisations.

The remaining sessions are 14 July and 4 August.


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Funding boost announced

Minister Foley making funding announcement
Victoria’s Housing, Disability and Ageing Minister, Martin Foley

Building on seed funding provided in June 2016, the Victorian Government has announced an additional investment of $2.1m to support the Institute to:

OFFER two Industry Research Fellow and two PhD Scholarships aimed at the social and community sector.

INVESTIGATE the contemporary experiences of social service users and develop best practice standards and innovative means of delivery.

PROMOTE social support as a valuable and rewarding career.

EMPOWER not-for-profits to reorient to a global market.

The funding was announced by Victoria’s Housing, Disability and Ageing Minister, Martin Foley on 20 October 2016 during the launch of Keeping our Sector Strong, a $26 million investment in disability workforce by the Victorian Government.