Supporting the workforce of the future

Picture of carer talking with child in wheelchair


Australia has a window of opportunity.

It’s time to recognise and value the social service workforce.

It is the workforce of the future – Australia’s fastest growing jobs market, with rapid growth set to continue for decades to come. It offers workers a huge range of emerging and rewarding roles, both young people starting out in the workforce and older people switching careers. As other industries decline, the social service workforce grows, offering new opportunities. It’s also changing, fast.

FSSI supports the social service workforce to be service-delivery leaders at this time of major growth and disruption.

We BRIDGE academic, community sector and lived experience expertise, CO-DESIGN world-best workforce education programs, TRAIN the workforce of the future, RESEARCH emerging trends and EMPOWER not-for-profits to reorient to a changing global market.

Now is the time to be part of social services.  Australia’s fastest growing jobs sector – the workforce of the future.